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How Much Does Window Washing Cost?

Usually, window washing is charged by the pane of glass. However, this amount can vary greatly depending on the size and condition of your windows.

It's a good idea to ask for an estimate when you call in because there are many factors that contribute to the cost. One factor is whether you want all exterior windows or just interior ones cleaned. Another factor is how many stories your house has because it takes more work and materials to do higher levels of a two story home than it does to clean one story homes - not only more time but also climbing equipment.

Information was provided to us by Brandon from Sedona Window Cleaning in Arizona.

How do you Professionally Clean Windows?

One simple and easy way is to use pure water and a waterfed pole & brush. Wet the window with water, then use the hog's hair brush or nylon brush to scrub the glass.  Simply let the air dry the water and it will be streak-free!

A favorite method for many professionals is using vinegar and water, which can leave windows sparkling clean and streak-free by cutting through dirt build-up without scratching them or ruining their luster. Be careful not to overuse the vinegar, because too much can leave an unpleasant odor on some windowsills while also damaging wood trim work around window doors.

-Nick from Century Pyramid provides us this fantastic insight to window cleaning! You can visit his website here: https://centurypyramid.com/

How do you get Streak-Free Windows & Mirrors?

A squeegee will clean glass perfectly and does not leave streaks. Simply spray window with a mix of water and glass cleaner, then use the squeegee in one long stroke to wipe away both liquid and the dirt it has picked up on its journey across your windows.

The best technique of all is to wet the surface you're cleaning before starting to use the squeegee.  Try purchasing a professional grade squeegee, as these will give you the same results as some of the best window cleaners in the business.

->This advice was given to us from 1st Class Clean in North Carolina.  You can visit their website here: https://firstclassnc.com/

What are Average Prices for Driveway Pressure Washing?

Since it is impossible to give an "average" price for driveway pressure washing, I'm going to break the question down into two parts. What's the typical cost of pressure washing a 400 square foot driveway? The typical cost of pressure washing a 400 square foot driveway ranges from $80-$200, depending on location and type of service plan. One hour should be sufficient to wash 400 square feet so this would equate to costing about $1-2 per square foot.

What are average prices for residential or commercial power washing services? For residential or commercial power washing services, the range in cost typically ranges from $0.75-$1 per square foot.

Thanks to David at Firehouse Pressure Washing in Orlando for this great information!

Do You Power Wash Siding or Soft Wash Siding on My House?

It depends on your preference. Typically people will want to clean the house with a lower soap concentration, which keeps them from using more water, and keeps down power washing solutions or chemicals for soft washing that can be too harsh on paint preservatives.

We recommend we use the soft wash method because it doesn't require heat and lacks the chemicals of power washing without compromising cleaning performance. House soft washing is also more gentle on whatever surface we're working with and it's better suited for this kind of job than power washing is. There are many different opinions out there about which technique is preferable though so if you don't want to go with our recommendation, feel free to speak with someone else about what they prefer doing in their line of work.
Click here to learn more about pressure washing Palm Beach County.

This information was provided to us form Tampa's top pressure washing company: Peter's Pressure Washing